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Graveyard of the Atlantic
ten tall tales

Mastermind - Helen Goltz
A global online game to mastermind the perfect crime is the real thing! FBI agent Mitchell Parker and his team span the globe to stop the crimes before they happen! Is this the best thriller you will read this year? Out now

Ten Tall Tales of Terror
M.F. Watson

Twisted tales of untimely deaths, the return of childhood fears and strange coincidences that will have you devouring them. For those who love a scary tale before bed.... 2015

Graveyard of the AtlanticHelen Goltz
Below the surface of the ocean lie the bodies of many ships that never made it to shore and something more ... silent and sinister. It’s a rough and violent ride for Mitchell Parker and his team against the ocean and the clock. Out now

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An abandoned old mansion hides a story of two generations of love and treachery. But all is about to come out in the open when Rachael's grandmother decides she wants to visit the 'haunted house'. Available in print and ebook format. Click on 'More info' for reviews and to buy.

Whispers in the Wiring - Amanda Apthorpe

With the death of his identical twin brother, Catholic Priest, Rupert Brown questions the whispers in his wiring that drove him to his life-long vocation. Out now

The Clairovyant's glasses
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The Clairvoyant's Glasses
Helen Goltz

When Sophie Carell was eight, her eccentric Great Aunt, Daphne, predicted Sophie would be a great clairvoyant. Sophie wanted to be a movie star. Her mother said not to worry —Daphne was daffy. But when the grand dame dies, she leaves Sophie a gift that will change her life. 2015

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