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A fabulous start to a new series. Keri Arthur

Great debut novel – well done to Shelley Russell Nolan. Original storyline, romance, mystery and the Grimm Reaper thrown in – what more could you want! Loved it! Sue-ellen Pashley

Tyler evolves into a woman of strength and conviction … I cheered for her, I became teary in parts, and I rallied in her ability to rebuild herself each time fate dealt her an unfair hand. I have to wait for the second book. Stalking authors for release dates is a thing, right? Danni L

Wow! I loved this story. I’m a huge fan of Reaper stories and this one really sucks you in and has you racing until the end. Nicole.


The first dead body I ever saw was my own.

For twenty-five-year-old Tyler Morgan, being murdered was easy. Easy in comparison with working for the Grim Reaper.Jonathon Grimm may have brought her back from the dead in exchange for working as a reaper for her hometown, Easton, but she has to find his lost reaper before she can enjoy her second chance at life. Only … the lost reaper isn’t actually lost. He has a new body and a new life and no intention of turning himself in, even if it means giving Tyler her life back.

Tyler begins the grisly task of reaping the souls of Easton’s dead while searching for the reaper. He could be anyone – the intriguing detective, Sam Lockwood; the handsome, wealthy Chris Bradbury; or the serial killer stalking the women of Easton. Women who bear an uncanny resemblance to Tyler. But what is the ancient secret, hidden from mankind, that has motivated Grimm to chose Tyler for the morbid task? As the killer closes in and Grimm’s deadline draws closer, Tyler discovers she is fighting a much bigger threat than the Grim Reaper and time is running out for everyone.


Shelley Russell Nolan is an avid reader who began writing her own stories at sixteen. Her first completed manuscript featured brain eating aliens and a butt kicking teenage heroine. Since then she has spent her time creating fantasy worlds where death is only the beginning and even freaks can fall in love.

A member of Romance Writers of Australia, Australian Romance Readers Association and Queensland Writers Centre, Shelley regularly attends workshops and writers festivals to meet other writers and readers.

Born in New Zealand, moving to Australia with her family when she was seven, Shelley currently lives in Central Queensland, Australia, with her husband and two young children. They share their home with two wrecking ball kitties a deformed budgerigar and two dogs that are fairly normal as dogs go. Shelley loves to hear from her readers so feel free to contact her on Facebook or leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads.

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ISBN: Paperback 978-0-9943762-7-5/ Ebook ASIN: B01IX1PX9A
Format: Trade paperback  and ebook
Publication date: 1 September 2016
Category: Fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal, romance, contemporary
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