Q: Do you publish print (traditional books) as well as ebooks?

A: Atlas Productions is both an e-book and traditional print publisher.

Q: Where can I buy your titles?

A: Select print books can be ordered over the counter in any book store in Australia. All of our titles are available for purchase online directly from Amazon (print and ebook), and our titles are available from your local library (or you can request them to get them in for you!)

Q: I’ve got an Atlas contract. Can I give up work and write full-time?

A: Please be realistic. Should we publish you, do not give up your day job. Many published authors juggle their writing with other employment to make ends meet. The average Australian author makes between $3,000 to $12,000 per year/title according to a publishing survey (2015).

Q: If I have a contract with you, when can I expect my book to come out?

A: We only publish five to eight titles a year, but will get them to market within approximately six to eight months (all going well), depending on the best time to market the title.

Atlas Productions is adamant about quality—when printing, we use cream stock and conform to standard size publications; for e-books and print we produce artist-designed covers.

Q: What genres are you accepting?

A: Please see our Submissions page for more information.

Q: What should I do before submitting a title to you?

A: While we provide the proof-reading, editing, layout and cover design, we do expect authors to have their work  at a reasonable level of professional standard before submission. (We can recommend The Manuscript Appraisal Agency, or Sally Odgers or Dr Amanda Apthorpe for proofreading and/or manuscript assessment).

Atlas Productions publishing contracts do not include an advance. We accept un-agented submissions.

Q: Can I multi-submit to agents while submitting to Atlas?

A: Of course, we expect you will. Our current response rate is one month—as writers too, we understand that you do not want to spend months waiting to submit from one publisher to the next, so we will get back to you promptly.

Q: Will you post on your website and Facebook page if you are looking for a certain genre?

A: Yes and we also like to see that submitting authors are well connected through social media. Promotion is important and is part of the author’s responsibility as well as the publisher’s role. Please support our authors and budding writers by subscribing to our website, liking our Facebook page and Twitter account.

Q: Are submission open for authors from all over the globe?

A: As much as we love international writers and authors,  Atlas Productions works with Australian authors only.

Thanks for your interest in Atlas Productions. We appreciate your creativity and love of reading and writing.